Site Safety

Smith and Madisha Construction offers a number of site safety services

We offer Site Safety services which include:

With many sites being shut down because of non-compliances according to SHOAT.  It is important that contractors are trained in various factors of site safety.

Site Safety Services

Site Safety Services

  • Training on documents required and management thereof given to emerging contractors.
  • Aiding contractors in compiling site specific safety files containing all the OHSACT requirements. This includes all their sub-contractors information, organograms, emergency numbers, Risk Assessments, safe working procedures, appointments and inductions on weekly basis.
  • Training of safety personnel and sub-contractors with regards to general safety filing and safety on site. Training includes chairing of site safety meetings and auditing of sub-contractors and own work. All trainees will receive the necessary certificates from certified agencies.
  • Working with compensation claims and the COID act.
  • Implementation and monitoring of Environmental systems, waste management and integrating green building systems.