Smith and Madisha Construction offer contractors various services which include:

1913796We offer contractors the following services:

  • Provision of training and skills transfer to emerging BBE Contractors in management and supervisory practices to ensure that their businesses are sustainable for future projects.
  • Skills such as Planning, which is the “how”, and Programming which is the “when” as well as management of the important flow of Information will be addressed and passed on.
  • Upgrading of tendering skills will particularly the pricing of Preliminaries and General cost to ensure that contractors can complete the project on time with the correct resources.
  • Training in proper project reporting
  • Training in Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality management and practices.
  • Training in understanding the rights and obligations in terms of the Contract between the Client/Employer and the Contractor.
    Training in complete and concise correspondence with all the relevant parties on the project.
  • Included in our consulting fees are a computer, printer and 3G communications connection in order to show and teach the contractors how to communicate with the professional team and visa versa.