Smith and Madisha Construction provides various services


We have a number of services that we provide which include identifying problems, issues and stumbling blocks that influence the completion of projects on time as well as the required quality of these various types of projects.

Site Safety

We offer Site Safety services which include:

  • With many sites being shut down because of non-compliances according to SHOAT. Training on documents required and management thereof given to emerging contractors.

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We offer contractors the following services:

  • Provision of training and skills transfer to emerging BBE Contractors in management and supervisory practices to ensure that their businesses are sustainable for future projects.

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Business Development

We offer clients the following services:

  • Business Development and Financial Management advice.

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Project Management

We offer services within the Project Management environment which include:

  • Assistance with the Contract documentation to ensure that the conditions of Contract are fair and equitable and capable of fulfillment.

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We offer employers and clients the following services:

  • A watchdog role for the consultants in order to keep the Client/Council fully apprised of a project at all times

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